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Why do I do this?

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Why do I do this? Empty Why do I do this?

Post by Lorri Kat on Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:43 pm

Why do I do this? Why, when I could easily slip away and blend in? 

It’s quite simple:

I lived far too long alone trapped in that dark hellish nightmare we exist in with no visible end or recourse in sight and thusly I will do anything and everything in my power to help others out of that nightmare.   I do not believe in nor will I be a part of holding back information or acting as a pseudo gatekeeper.  All that I know I willing put forth, it is up to you to decide what is right or wrong in your circumstance.  If I do not know an answer I will straight up tell you when asked and then search like crazy for it or someone that does know.  I feel no better reward then when I am able to help crack open that darkness others are trapped in and show them that there is a light, a path and they can reach it, that they are not crazy or alone in their thoughts.   To offer empathy from one who knew the rush of euphoria, fear, excitement, release, dread, freedom, confinement, ecstasy and utter despair hitting all at the same time, going from one emotion to the next with the speed of a strobe light when the chance to escape and be ‘us’ arose and when that time came to an end.     .. It's no wonder we think we're insane at times. We go from the highest highs to the lowest lows in the span of hours sometimes and it can be days, weeks, months or a year between for some before they can again escape. But always finding oneself again being trapped within the lie of a life we live that others know us in and forced us to exist in. We do this until we hit ‘The Wall’, at that point we escape into the world to live as our true selves or perish from it.  It does come down to just two choices in the end.. To live as ourselves or perish, maintaining the lie is no longer tenable or possible at this point.  There is no way I can ever convey to someone that does not have Gender Dysphoria the true scope of what it is like to live it.  I can tell you that HRT fixes that nightmare and delivers you into a new life that is beyond one’s dreams.  All that was wrong becomes right and with it the insatiable zest and desire to live life is reborn;  but I am just one part of the spectrum that includes a very diverse community in and of itself. All segments are equally important in its makeup with none more or less valid then the rest. In all this diversity there still runs a commonality between us all and that is what we build on, for the similarities are what binds us all together. Our solidarity to one another is that WE choose to live OUR life, that WE are the ones that can change OUR world by steadfastly drawing our strengths together with the belief we are worth fighting for no matter what!  For always remembering that we are fierce, tenacious survivors that can only be defeated by ourselves.   Thusly I endeavor to afford this Inclusion and equality of, and in, life for all.  I wish you all the best in your journeys and wont you to know that your successes now and to come are the greatest vindication and affirmation of your true self and all our brothers and sisters past, present and future. My hope is for this information and socialization to make someone else's life, transition, safer and easier and inspire them to help us advance society forward to a time when there is no longer a need for anyone to hide.

Lorri Kat
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