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March 31st, International Transgender Day of Visibility

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March 31st, International Transgender Day of Visibility

Post by Lorri Kat on Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:00 pm

 ( by Lorri Kat on March 30, 2014)

March 31st, is the International Transgender Day of Visibility, VISIBILITY; but to fully impart what this day means I am compelled, maybe only in my own mind, but compelled none the less to impart in this a bit of information, insight for perspective.   The Transgender Day of Remembrance has been held for 15 years now, and sadly shows no sign of being any less needed than it was when it was started. Trans people are at great risk of murder, assault and discrimination; more so now than almost any other segment of the population still.  But The Transgender day of Remembrance is a very somber event, and no group should be remembered only for their sadness.  And so, to offset that, this holiday was founded by Rachel Crandall in 2009 with the idea that having a Transgender Day of Visibility would be something that celebrated the lives and accomplishments of trans people and which would foster enlightenment and unity to help the community as a whole  .
Much of the hatred and distrust of trans people arises from ignorance and fear. People still cling to the idea that all creatures come in two basic forms: male and female; and that anything that takes us outside that simple binary is somehow unnatural or abhorrent. Yet science journals are full of articles about the rich variety of gender diversity throughout the natural world.  It would be quite the anomaly if human biology was so simple when nothing else is, and of course that is not the case. We are quite complex.
Some of the hindrance to this enlightenment is that if trans people are afraid to go public about their identity, how are people going to learn not to be ignorant and frightened? How are they to learn the truth.  Indeed, how are they to understand at all in the midst of our own spectrum of unique diversity?  That makes this pretty much a problematic situation for which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problems situation.  Of course no one should try to force trans people to be more open, especially if it puts them at risk. However society as a whole needs to talk more about trans people and issues.  But it also needs to get it right when it does so.  Most all of what is portrayed in the mainstream media and TV is still profoundly and grossly inaccurate to the detriment of Trans people.  It is done to incite anger and ratings or to perpetuate certain dogma and stereotypes, of which the repercussions to Trans people are more abuse, death and discrimination being wrought fourth and further propagated by those inaccuracies.  
And so today for that reason those of us who can and dare to advocate take the time to stand up as we are, alive and unabridged, visibly to help enlighten people of the challenges faced in our lives. Many trans individuals go stealth once they fully pass in the gender they were meant to be, many choose not to be identified as trans at all; this is fine and safer for them.  But for many being trans is a very visible thing. We transition with seemingly the whole world watching us, waiting to see what new thing physical, emotional or otherwise has changed, We are asked questions that would never be considered polite for anyone outside of a doctor's office. We are objectified, trivialized and persecuted as if we were less than human.  News flash…We feel, cry, break, bleed and aspire just as anyone.
Today we see more and more stories about transgender politics and it is heartening, even if they are not always positive;  because, at the least, people are being made aware more and more that we are here and of who we are. And so it falls upon us to show that we are not freaks or weirdoes or any other derogatory label that is cast forth; we are average citizens who only want the right to exist as we are. In a world where so many pressure everyone to be the same; You must look like this; you must have these thoughts; you must support that position, we stick out in challenging most all of that. However, fortunately, we are not of the “must”; we are of the “ should be”.
We should be supportive of each other.
We should be respectful of each other’s choices, needs and wants.
We should be able to recognize and celebrate the vast wonderful differences that each individual has.
We should be able to appreciate the various paths and experiences that make us all so unique.
We should be allowed to live with dignity and despite differences be afforded with the same innate rights as others, to be valued and receive ethical treatment everywhere.
Today is a day where people around the globe come together to show support for the trans community and to bring attention to the accomplishments of our brothers and sisters around the world. To fight cissexism and transphobia by spreading truth and knowledge about our community. This is not the day for mourning; this is a day for us to be empowered and to celebrate. Presenting that truth in the open and in doing so bringing the recognition, the validation of our life that we deserve! Today is our day to shine brightly for all to see.
Lorri Kat
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